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Trekking Solo- Mardi Himal Base Camp

I didn’t start trekking solo at first place because I wanted to but because none of my friends were available at that time around. However, I’ve never been the same after my solo trips. Travelling all by yourself for days can be daunting at times but it has only heightened my independence, and I loved every bit of it. Five year later of doing so, I feel like I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mardi Himal trek holds a special place in my heart. This trip isn’t just about me reaching to the top solo at an altitude of 4450 mtrs but was a trip of salvation. It almost felt like quenching my soul’s thirst.

Trust me when I say this, even I used to be amongst those who  think why some people so look forward to travelling solo. After years of travelling solo my answer to this would only be -it is known once you do it by yourself. “Solo travelers do not go alone because they have to. They do it because they want to”:) 

“Solo travel brings me feeling of freedom, the flexibility of planning, the possibility of meeting new people with new experiences to hear and is an excellent opportunity for self-discovery.  It brings the clarity of taking charge of my  life, shedding inhibitions and make the most of life that is given.

(P.S this was way back when I had shitty phone and only one guy from the tea shop to capture my picture so haha!)